About Us - Hades Grill

Hades Grill came to be when a lifelong local, Henderson ER nurse, wanted to expand her passion of love, cooking, and serving others.

Growing up in Henderson, Monica knew the struggle when it came to finding a good local place for families to eat or hang out. For many years the idea of opening a “Burger place” somewhere in Henderson stayed on her mind. What transpired was the journey to opening Hades Grill.

What has been created in Downtown Henderson, is a fun edgy place for families to enjoy. Creating a deliciously unique menu, as well as a memorable dining experience was the goal. Located in the Henderson Water Street District, Hades Grill has a casual cool vibe. Hades Grill is a place that combines a feeling of community and family. With their exciting menu, unique fusion of flavors, and their wonderful staff, Hades Grill hopes to be a new local favorite.